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Rodos by EurukaTT Rodos by EurukaTT

Some technical stuff first:

First painting of this year, started on 4th of January, done in photoshop. Progress animation can be found here: [link] (you need to click first image)
It was suposed to be part of my new background challenge, that I wanted to base around my MO universe. Each image was suposed to represent place either on Morjia, or it's two moons Rodos, or Faros. BUT when I was working on this one I decided it's a little to early to restart whole challenge, one year is not enought for me to visibly improve. But I have nice (I hope) painting and I plan to do more in this style in future.

Now about the place

Despite how it might look there is no liquid water on this image, everythings that it's not sky or rock are hyszels, things that are alive, but are not really considered "animals" nor "plants", they are their own kind of life.
Rodos in it's very beginigs was mostly covered with shallow ocean, full of young prosperous life of many kinds. Ancestors of hyszels were small things living on coast using hight tides to store huge amounts of water in their bodies. At first really harmless specie started rapidly expanding, taking more and more ocean water for themselves. Hyszels population grew so quickly than no other life forms had time to adapt to new situation which bring us to huge extinction, that left these little water creatures alone on now rather sandy moon.

Currently there exsist couple houndrets hyszel species and I could talk a lot about them, as Rodos is my most favourite place in MO, but it's 4am and I need to stop here.

hyszel should be read like "hyshell" it's mix of words "hydro" and "shell" ("shell" wrote in a way that you read it in polish)

art & hyszels K.Dudek (~EurukaTT)
please do not use, copy, or repost it, everything related to MO is really important to me, I really would not want to see it used on some random rp forum, or game, or wathever
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January 9, 2012
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